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How To Prevent Railings From Rusting

rusty railings

Article by successlocallimited

Rusty railings can make your property look degraded and give your guests the wrong impression. If you have or intend on having metal railings installed on your property, there’s a high chance that in time you’ll be facing rust and corrosion, especially if fitted outdoors.

Ways To Prevent Rust

You’ll be happy to know that there are ways to prevent rust from taking over your railings or at least slow it down. 

Railings Galvanisation

This is a process where a protective coating of zinc is applied to steel or iron. As zinc corrodes very slowly, this will extend your railings life expectancy and keep them looking as good as new. Furthermore, you will be saving on maintenance.

Apply Powder Coating

This dry plastic powder can be sprayed onto your railings to protect them from the elements, whilst providing an appealing and smooth coloured glossy finish. It is a good replacement to standard paint, which can easily chip over time. For maximum protection, powder coatings should ideally be applied on top of the galvanised coating.

Perform Annual Inspections

Detecting early signs of rust can save you on costly repairs. Any problems found with your railings such as scratches are much easier to fix if detected before any extensive damage happens.

Regular Cleaning

Take the time to clean your railings with warm soapy water and a soft brush to reduce the build-up of salt or dirt, which can be harmful if the metal’s surface is exposed.

Have Your Railings Installed By Experts

At The Gate Place, we supply and install a wide range of railings solutions with galvanisation and powder coating options available. Give us a call on 01162366525 to request a free quote or leave us an enquiry by filling out our contact form.